FO - Little Niece's Dress V2.0

Little Sister's Dress - V2I had to work a lot of math to size this up to 2-years, but I think it was worth it! I love the simplicity, it shows off the colors beautifully. My niece isn't really 2 yet, but I wanted to ensure this one fit her longer than the first version! Haha!

I think it will also work nicely in the coming colder months, as my sis can put her in a long-sleeved jumper/romper underneath. Then, it will hopefully still fit her in the spring! (I know, I know, a longshot - but we'll see!)

Little Sister's Dress - V2

It's nice to have such a selection of washable wool on the market, especially at Knit Picks prices! (This yarn was a sale score! Yeay!) I wanted to make sure it was washable, as babies can get so messy!

I have to apologize to my sister, because I just took it over!!! Sorry, Jenn (and Elinor! I really didn't mean to take so long photographing it!!!)

Little Sister's Dress - V2Specs - see it on Ravelry!
  • Pattern: Little Sister's Dress by Tora Frøseth Design
  • Yarn: Knit Picks Felici in Martinique x4
  • Needles: sz3 Addi Lace (magic loop for the beginning,) sz5 dpn for extra-stretchy cast off
  • Cast on: September 4th, '09
  • Cast off: September 30th, '09
  • Completed: October 13th,'09
  • Delivered: Dec 1st, '09


FO - Pretty Cashmere Cowl Thing

Pretty Thing Cashmere Cowl

I knew the instant I saw the Yarn Harlot's Pretty Thing cowl pattern, just which yarn I'd use for it. 

I had one skein left of Handmaiden's luscious 4-ply cashmere in Glacier, a wonderful blend of arctic icey blues, beiges and soft greys. Love it! Couldn't help but buy it on a trip out with my sister, a year ago or more! Haha!

Anyhoo, I didn't bother swatching for this, and yet miraculously I've ended up with a cowl that fits beautifully! Yeay! It flares more at the bottom, so I've flipped it upside down, but that's just personal taste. I even added a repeat in between the purl ridges at the center, and still had over 10 grams left of this yummy yarn!

Pretty Thing Cashmere Cowl

It's a super fun knit, even though it's only charted (not written out.) I stumbled a couple times with it, but I would imagine I could knit another in a couple of hours; now that I'm more familiar with the pattern. It looks to be a great gift pattern, too - as it takes a mere one ball of yarn, and is a super cute accessory!

Pretty Thing Cashmere Cowl

Specifications: see it on Ravelry!

*Fancy lettering from Daily Drop Cap - so fun!


Buy My Fabric?!?! Yeay!

Today's the day, and I can hardly believe it! Spoonflower's opened a shop, so I can sell my fabric designs, along a gazillion others, which I'm sure is why the site's a little slow. Don't worry, if you want Cocoa Squiggly Stripe, my very first ever repeatable fabric design - you can buy it right now! I can't even begin to tell you how happy I am about this, and I can't wait to see how it's used! (Please email me, or you can upload to my Flicker group.)

Cocoa Squiggly Stripe

It might be worth mentioning that I won Spoonflower's first ever contest with this design, way back last year! (It feels like so much longer, somehow...lol) I have a recent print of this, on their new fabrics, and they look a lot better than a print run I did a few months back - so I'll try and get pics of the new stuff, for those who need to see the print on real fabric before they buy!


Almost FO - Baldee as Milton Waddams

Baldee - plainWhen I got a chance to test for Anna, I jumped at it, and I was lucky enough to get it this time! Normally, I'm super late to the party! Anyhoo, this one is a cute toy named Baldee. Knit in the round with minimal seaming make him a super quick knit, plus I got to use up a bunch of leftover (worsted) for this, which I love!

After I decided I was making him up as Milton, I knew I'd need to add the stapler, but unfortunately a sprained wrist has sidelined my knitting plans for the last couple weeks. I can do basic stuff like stockinette, but tiny needles and winging my own pattern are too much.

Baldee as Milton
"I believe you have my stapler?" Hehe.

Soon, he will have a tiny Red Swingline Stapler. Yes, yes. Grin.

Specs - see him on Ravelry!


Cupcake Pops to match...

Tiffany Mixer with Cupcake Pops!

... my brand new stand mixer!!!

Tiffany Mixer - Baloon WhiskMy mom was kind enough to send this to my husband and me, for our 4th wedding anniversary. Well... sort of. Hehe. Okay, so the story goes she sent the boysenberry color, and I had DH lug the huge heavy thing back to our local JC Penney; then we ordered the right color off the internet, (and hoped it'd end up the right color, not a single store in my area carries these colors in stock, so I could see it first! How lame!)

Anyhoo, I've wanted one for years, just hadn't decided if I wanted the Cuisinart version (it has a timed shut off, the KA doesn't.) Apparently the balloon whisk is awesome, but because of a surprise trip to Las Vegas, I haven't gotten the chance to use it yet.

Tiffany Cupcake Pops

I did get a chance to dip some cupcake pops to match my new mixer, though - how cute?!?!?!

Did I mention I'm headed to Las Vegas this week?!?! Any crafty tips? I'll have a little bit of crafty time, but I'm planning on staying on/near the strip. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!!


WIP Wednesday - Cashmere Ruffles Scarf

I just had to buy this cashmere yarn on sale from Elann. It's normally about 19$ a ball, and I got them all for less than 50$!!! Woohoo! The only questions were how much to buy, and what to make with it? I was leafing through Scarf Style by Pam Allen, and found this super cute scarf, that just happened to call for the same weight yarn (DK.)

Doing the math, the pattern called for 432 yds, which was dangerously close to the 440 I would get if I'd have bought 5 balls, so I added one more in (I call this my coverage ball, you know... just in case!) The cashmere only had 88 yds per ball, so I really can't fathom how people afforded this yarn not on sale! Hahaha!

I had a really tough time wrapping my brain around the construction of this one, so I just jumped in and started knitting. After I'd gotten about 4 repeats of the short rows done, I finally "got" how the ruffles are constructed, and where the center spine is, to measure for total length.

Cashmere Ruffles Scarf - Work in Progress

The first ball knit up fairly quickly after I taught myself to purl backwards, saving all those turns, from the "wrap & turn" direction of short rows. It's not hard, and my hands took to it much quicker than I'd expected. I only turn the work around once every fourth row! Yeay!

(Please forgive my total hack job in trying to photo-shop the over-exposed-ness on the second photo. It's bad, I know. I really wanted to post this one today, and couldn't do a second shoot to fix it! Whoops!)

Ruffles Scarf by Amanda Blair Brown, see mine on Ravelry!


Real Life Intervenes Again...

... and this time it was in the form of a trip to the emergency room, at 11PM (just late enough to not be able to use a walk-in care place, which happens to be closer!) It happened at the end of June, the night of the 22nd.

The story goes, I was trying to pit a particularly nasty-tough embedded avocado; and I cut myself, quite badly. I cut my left thumb, about 1/2" wide, but very deep - like I felt it hit bone. Yikes. So, after a relatively short (1 1/2 hrs) wait, I got into a room and talked to a nurse about it.

The positioning was bad, I knew it would swell and want to stay open instead of healing shut; so when she said she could glue it back together, I jumped at the chance. I'd already had my Tetanus shot, (which hurt so much more the rest of that week, I can't even tell you.) Yes, I said glue. It was medical superglue, and while it stung going on - it was fabulous at immobilizing the wound so it could heal well. The excess superglue flaked off over the next three days, and after about 10 days, even the glue in the would had all either flaked (or gotten picked) off. The Tetanus shot really was the worst of the pain, I hate IM shots.

I thought I was back to normal way too fast, though. I have a bit of scar tissue, and while washing dishes a couple weeks after it happened, I caught the scar on the rim of a glass. It hurt so. bad. Oy. So, I'm trying to take things easy and take care of myself - which unfortunately meant not blogging for a bit.

But, I'm starting to get back to more and more, and it's high time I get back to you, my readers. I love you all more than I can say. It's really amazing when you reach that point when you realize other people actually read your blog. Even though I'm no Yarn Harlot, I really do appreciate each and every single one of you who spends a minute of your time reading my barely sane thoughts and ramblings. Oh, and sticking around for the crafts throughout it all. Hehe. I really do need to craft more!!!

Karrie - Have you received my email? (It was months ago... :( ) Are you busy-good, I hope?!?!
Shirley - I'm SO sorry I haven't replied to your email yet. I'm an asshole, what can I say?
June - I'm so proud of you this summer, and am sorry I haven't had the time to tell you more.

More knitting to come soon, I just finished my third Clapotis*, in Malabrigo Silky Merino yarn - yummy!

FYI - Clapotis gets it's name from the French - "lapping of water" how wonderfully appropriate for mine, as it's in the color-way
Caribeño. Lovely, and I can't wait to share it!


FO Friday - Clementine Shawlette

Clementine Shawlette

Clementine Shawlette - CloseupWowsers! I let this UFO sit so long! No reason, really - except I'm not a huge fan of grafting! Hehehe. I was going to use Lucy Neatby's method, which I found via Ruthless Knitting. This blogger's Clementine pictures helped a ton too, I'm really a visual learner.
(Unfortunately I got super lazy, and just used a 3-needle BO.) Before blocking, the two halves measured 26" long by 7 3/4" wide. Post wet blocking it grew to 28" long by 10" wide (that is, before I grafted the two pieces together.)

Clementine Shawlette - Discolored

I consider this my first real lace, because it was my first time working with a chart. I'm so happy I didn't let the fear of the unknown stop me from knitting this, it was really fun to knit, and I'm thrilled with the finished object.

Clementine Shawlette - Tie(With the small exception of the small black spot, which my ball winder inflicted as I carelessly wound the skein into a center pull ball. It got less noticeable after I wet blocked it.) Another beautiful Clementine to drool over is Octopus Knits'. It's actually my inspiration, because she used 2 skeins of the same yarn I had on hand. And it's teal. Grin. Aren't the ties so unique? I love them!

Project Specifications - see it on Ravelry!


FO Friday - Raspberry Delight Scarf

Ooops! I'm late to post this, but i guess better late than never, eh? Hehe.
Raspberry Delight

You know, it should be called the "Lazy Ribbon Scarf," because it's so easy - and I've done the repeats so many times now, I could do the 24 row chart in my sleep with one arm tied behind my back… (well, not really! But, you get my point!)

Raspberry DelightIt's easy. Really. I promise, once you "get it" - it's like riding a bike. Lace may be scary at first because it looks so complex and impressive; but it's not impossible to manage! Especially if you're knitting with Malabrigo! It's yummy in a way only a knitter can understand!

So, admittedly this one took me longer than anticipated to finish. I wanted it done by the end of February and it's June now. I know, (please don't remind me!) But, to be fair, it's only because I procrastinated it until the absolute last minute, for no other reason than I'd done this pattern a bunch of times already! Ha - and Oy - both!

This was the first time I'd done this pattern in a variegated colorway though, so that was a lot of fun. I'm almost sad to gift this one away I like it so much! (I have enough of these Lace Ribbon things, though! Hahahah!)

Specs: see it on Ravelry!


My Belated 3rd Blogiversary Makeup!

Wow, I can't believe I missed it. I mean, 3 is my favorite number, and I did start blogging on March 3rd (06.) But somehow, I managed to miss my third bloggiversary this year - and I'm kinda pissed at myself! For more than just that, but that's another story entirely. Don't ask.

It's hard to believe it's been so long, because I've let things get so stagnant around here for so long. No new cake pops, knitted items or home projects. All was quiet on the Crafty Ginger front; but I'm hoping to change that in the coming months. I have a few projects already finished, and a few more started and on their way to being finished. I have a few packages I owe - so, so sorry Mommy Box winners - I haven't forgotten about you! (In fact, now I feel so guilty, you guys might get even more!!! Hehehe.)

Anyhoo, I guess it's just a placeholder post. More for me, to see if after this point I can really live up to my own expectations of myself... or fall into something wonderfully unexpected. Which is what I've been hoping for, for a long, long time. (Something I don't let slip too often, I like my laquered shell most of the time. Sue me.)


Finishing Frenzy! (W/O Pics - Sorry!)

Yesterday, I went on a fanatical finishing frenzy on my knitting. Four FO's got their ends woven in; and I took a much more honest inventory of the WIP's I still have going. Some I'll finish knitting, but others need to be ripped back, or out entirely. It's the nature of the universe, I guess - that you can't get everything right all of the time.

I wish I could share more pictures today, but so many are gifts; and I want them to reach their recipients first - before I post pictures. And, to be honest, a few of them are SUPER EARLY - so I was super sure not to be late finishing them. (A fate more than one of my gifts have suffered from. And, one I want to avoid as much as possible! Hahaha!)

It feels good to have them really, finally finished - and wearable. But, if I'm really feeling honest, some have waited nearly a YEAR to have their ends woven in. Poor FO's!

Oh yeah, and how the hell is it June already? I know time marches on, but DAMN man! This year it's feeling a little ridiculous. Rant over.


New Mommy Box Contest Winners!

Well, seeing as there were only 5 entries in my New Mommy Box contest, so I decided I should just send boxes to all of them! Plus one (my sis,) makes a nice even half-dozen boxes; so each of you should get 3-4 bath bombs and a smattering of other bath goodies. I'll need your (or the intended recipients,) address, and I'll contact each of you via email for that privately. If I can't get in touch with you myself, you can email me at crafty/nospace/ginger/at/gmail/dot/com.

I was really hoping there would be more entrants, but I guess it's better that I can send something to everyone. Please let me know if your "Mom" has any allergies or super strong dislikes. Right now my fragrance oil supply is mostly florals, and really... who doesn't like jasmine? Hehehe.

Laura, Radfrog, Annemarie, Twinsplus1 and Jennifer - you're all winners today! :)


What did I really learn??? And a contest!

Way back when... I decided to focus on what made me happy, and somwhere in the process I put my focus on everything but that. I focused on the negatives in my personal relationships instead of the positive; I saw only negatives when I looked at myself, small-business wise. I saw myself in the most negative light, and without a gauge to help me realize how bad a rut that was, I fell right smack dab into it. (Yes, I am a blonde... make a joke about it and you're disqualified! J/K!)

I'm feeling physically better these days, as well as emotionally. I've tried to let go of some of my anger, because holding onto it did me no good... in fact, it probably made me sicker, longer. I've also realized that time is very short in this life, and that if I want to explore myself within that, I have to stay dedicated. I have high hopes, and I hope that I can achieve my goals this year.

And, I can see great things for crafty-diy types this year... I can't exactly put my finger on how I know, but I can feel it, like I can feel the rain coming in my knees. (Oh yeah, they're terrible, both of them, and considering my age, it's something I should probably take care of, but you know... I have much more fun things planned for this year!)

Ok, and one last update! I never did get my sister's "New Mom" box in the mail, so I thought I'd take advantage, and make two! It'll include bath bombs in generic scents, with minimal oils (not too slippery,) maybe lip balm, or whatever I feel like trying in the next couple weeks.

That mean YOU can win a "New Mommie" box, too! Whether it be for you, or the new mom in your life, be she a friend or relaitve, co worker or just an amazing woman who really deserves it. (Please keep in mind I don't use preservatives, so these products will need to be used in appx. 2-3 weeks.) From what I know of new moms, that won't be a problem! :)

So, leave a comment here, and tell me who deserves to be pampered, spa-at-home style. I'll keep the drawing open until Saturday the 28th, and I'm open to the preferences of the winner. Fine print - please only enter once (and Jenn, you already won one, so you're not eligible, sorry!) I'll use a random number generator to determine the winner, so please leave an email or way of contacting you. If I can't contact the winner in 4 weeks, I'll redraw another. Thanks for reading through, and good luck!!!


FO - Lilac Hemlock Ring Blanket

As soon as I saw it on Brooklyn Tweed's blog, I knew I had to make one. The tricky part is, I wasn't sure whether I should keep it for myself, of give it to my baby niece (as her belated Christmas present. More on that later...) But, as soon as I got through the doily section with the flower petals, I knew it would be better for her than me. It's lilac, and although I love the color, I thought a blanket for my own home might need to be a bit more neutral.

Plus, this means I had an actual handknit for her first Christmas, which I'm super pleased with! (See, I was sick during most of my Christmas plans, so I've just made most of them up this week! Bad Kari, baaad!) I was super nervous that I'd transmit my sinus infection to my gift recipients, but I'm all better now - so hopefully just the wash and blocking will nix that as a possibility.



FaceBook Friends Needed!

To confirm that I indeed write this blog, I need at least 8 more friends to verify it for me! So, if you add me as a friend - I'm Kari Kail, (no profile pic, mention CraftyGinger in your "add friend" message please!) I'll be indebted to you forever! Thanks blog buddies!


Squee!!! A Comic Book about Knitting!!

I'm super excited to announce that I received my sneak peek of HandKnit Heroes, and I have to confess that I love it so, so very much, on the geekiest, nerdiest level inside of myself!!!

See, I worked at a comic shop when I was 13; putting backing boards and books into bags, and taping them shut... for 5 cents a piece! So naturally, I developed quite the efficiency for this task. In the few years I stayed there, I saw so many books it could make your eyelids want to peel off... if you're a girl, and you believed in modern feminism - as I did, and still do.

So anyhoo - back to the book! I wondered what it would be like, signing up for the preview; and I have to say I'm not disappointed! It's a real comic book, with great characters and a well written story, and it's about knitting, AND it has a pattern at the back! Can it get any better than this? I kinda doubt it... although who knows for sure what's next, for the web and knitting worlds??? It's actually funny, too - which I always found to be lacking in old comic books. They'd try alright... waaaay too hard. HkH got it just right! Can't wait for issue #2!

The pattern, the POW! Hooded Scarf (link works for Ravelry folks only - sorry!) is simple and yet so adaptable; picking different colors or fibers of yarn could make it so different, depending on your taste and needs. I'd even think about lining the pockets with sewn fabric, just so I could throw this on to head out grocery shopping - and NOT have my keys snag in it!


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