Almost FO - Baldee as Milton Waddams

Baldee - plainWhen I got a chance to test for Anna, I jumped at it, and I was lucky enough to get it this time! Normally, I'm super late to the party! Anyhoo, this one is a cute toy named Baldee. Knit in the round with minimal seaming make him a super quick knit, plus I got to use up a bunch of leftover (worsted) for this, which I love!

After I decided I was making him up as Milton, I knew I'd need to add the stapler, but unfortunately a sprained wrist has sidelined my knitting plans for the last couple weeks. I can do basic stuff like stockinette, but tiny needles and winging my own pattern are too much.

Baldee as Milton
"I believe you have my stapler?" Hehe.

Soon, he will have a tiny Red Swingline Stapler. Yes, yes. Grin.

Specs - see him on Ravelry!

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