Orchid Candy Cupcakes...

(... and more cake pops! Hahaha!)

Orchid & Plumeria Candy Flower Cupcakes

Lately, I've bee
n totally obsessed with desserts… although I'm mostly Norwegian, and my Mom always told me my sweet tooth came from "that side" of my family. (Hehehe, you must also understand that I'm a pretty picky eater, and have always preferred sweets over savory dishes.) Anyhoo, I know I was just bitching about how hard those cake pops were to make, but I let my husband have the last one, and then snap! I made another batch - just like that! Actually, the second batch was much easier, I knew what not to do this time around.

More Cake Pops!I've only made these cake pops in half batches (that is, I bake the cake and split it in two, and only use half the frosting to make a more manageable batch size for me.) Part of the reason for that is I really like the springy cake texture, and you sort of lose that in the pops. No biggie - I just make both! LOL So, this time I made cupcakes and frosted them with the leftover cream cheese frosting. Thinking them a smidge on the plain side, I decided to make some candy melt flowers to top them; and boy did they turn out nice! (Alice or Grace,) they're actually not chocolate but this fabulous sugar based candy coating that molds like a dream.

I used candy molds in the shapes of orchids and plumeria and purple candy melts to make these, and my new favorite tool - the candy melt squeeze bottle. You can melt chocolate or candy melts right inside it, either in the microwave - or a hot bowl of water*! (Heather Bailey's dubbed this the March of Tools and I couldn't help but share my newest find!) I tried to make the centers darker purple, and the outer petals lighter; but the effect turned out much more subtle than I'd hoped. It's okay, I think they're just lovely anyway! I was so happy to find the perfect color yarn leftover in my stash to tie these up. So pretty.

Cake Pops - Front Detail

It's been hard not to get too distracted making sweet treats, I'm in the middle of moving my craft room from an upper bedroom to my dining room; and it's hard and not always as creatively satisfying as trying my hand at a new craft. Just keep painting, just keep painting... Grin.

Cake Pops - Package Detail

*The fact that I could still decorate the first batch of cake pops, even though my microwave up and died on me - right in the middle of making them pretty - totally sold me.


Belated Second Blogiversary!

I can't believe I missed it! As of March 3rd, I've been blogging for two years now. I can hardly believe it! Last year was a much slower year, blog-wise than I'd planned. But, I'm hoping to make up for it this year and I've got a few big things planned. Stay tuned for more sweets this week, more knitting soon and a big contest in a couple months! Don't miss it, there's going to be tons of prizes!

And, a great big shout of Good Luck! to a very good blog buddy of mine, she just quit her job and will be crafting full time very soon! I don't know if it's public yet or not, so I won't name her - but you know who you are, lady! You rock!


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