Finishing Frenzy! (W/O Pics - Sorry!)

Yesterday, I went on a fanatical finishing frenzy on my knitting. Four FO's got their ends woven in; and I took a much more honest inventory of the WIP's I still have going. Some I'll finish knitting, but others need to be ripped back, or out entirely. It's the nature of the universe, I guess - that you can't get everything right all of the time.

I wish I could share more pictures today, but so many are gifts; and I want them to reach their recipients first - before I post pictures. And, to be honest, a few of them are SUPER EARLY - so I was super sure not to be late finishing them. (A fate more than one of my gifts have suffered from. And, one I want to avoid as much as possible! Hahaha!)

It feels good to have them really, finally finished - and wearable. But, if I'm really feeling honest, some have waited nearly a YEAR to have their ends woven in. Poor FO's!

Oh yeah, and how the hell is it June already? I know time marches on, but DAMN man! This year it's feeling a little ridiculous. Rant over.


  1. yay for productive weekend! I was able to finish a couple of non-knitting projects, as well (okay, I'll own up to also starting a couple of new projects).
    Can't wait to see pics!

  2. I can't believe it's June either! This year is speeding right by.

    I've been awful with my knitting (if you couldn't tell from my Ravelry projects). School was sucking up time, and now I just can't get back in the groove. Ack! I miss knitting and need to finish things!




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