FO - Lilac Hemlock Ring Blanket

As soon as I saw it on Brooklyn Tweed's blog, I knew I had to make one. The tricky part is, I wasn't sure whether I should keep it for myself, of give it to my baby niece (as her belated Christmas present. More on that later...) But, as soon as I got through the doily section with the flower petals, I knew it would be better for her than me. It's lilac, and although I love the color, I thought a blanket for my own home might need to be a bit more neutral.

Plus, this means I had an actual handknit for her first Christmas, which I'm super pleased with! (See, I was sick during most of my Christmas plans, so I've just made most of them up this week! Bad Kari, baaad!) I was super nervous that I'd transmit my sinus infection to my gift recipients, but I'm all better now - so hopefully just the wash and blocking will nix that as a possibility.


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  1. Beautiful! I love the color you chose and I am sure your niece will love it too...at least once she's old enough to express her appreciation. :)

    I started my hemlock a few days ago--it was hard to choose a color but I finally settled on a light yellow buttery color.



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