Blogger Spotlight - Warm Fuzzies

I'd like to try something new this year, and spotlight other bloggers that I enjoy and admire. Some might not be all that new, there's so many superstars out here in Blogland! LOL I hope you'll find both the new and old fun and inspiring, and I'd love to hear what blogs you love, too!

First up is an amazingly talented friend of mine, Shirley from Warm Fuzzies. Her stuffies are absolutely adorable, and I love the quality of her photography. What I think really sets her apart though, is her stories - and how she writes them.

They're never too sweet for me, (I hate super-sweet all the time, I like balanced sweet.) She puts so much personality into her finished objects, through her words; I really admire her ability, and aspire to it myself! I hope you enjoy perusing her blog, it's filled with fun things to be inspired by, and great tutorials!

I think we've all felt this way about a project or two...
But the evil side of my conscience says, "But he was your first intarsia project, he sings the doom song, *and* he can dance. Plus, he can make bacon soap. And he's pink. Just look at him, he's so comfy on your bed already..." And I snapped. I just had to have him. Shame on me.
No shame, Shirley... we really feel you! (Especially because the second of almost anything I make is just a little bit better! LOL) Maybe not so much about that bacon soap, though.... ha!

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  1. *blush* I'm famous, I'm famous! Thanks so much for putting me in the spotlight, Kari, what a treat. Hugs from New York. =)h



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