WIP Wednesday - Felted Fun!

Late post today, but I've been playing around with felting beads today - and having SO much fun with it! I made a bunch of round ones, and a rope which I cut into coin shaped beads (not pictured.) The tips I found in a Knitty article really helped, it's a simple process; but can be quite tricky to achieve consistent results.

Felt Beads

I also decided to whip up some quickie melt-and-pour soaps to felt; I didn't have anything small enough around. So, aqua jasmine minis, will be felted soaps (after dinner!) Quick craft projects can be so satisfying! I just can't wait till all of the beads dry, so I can make stuff with them! More on that later!

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  1. Oh! Two of my favorite things to do with felt! Have fun.



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