WIP Wednesday - Wristlets!

Here's a work in progress shot of my latest wristlets - in multiples! As I mentioned yesterday, I've picked up some really fun ribbons lately, as well as some vibrant cashmere (in quarter yds.) It's a little thicker than I thought originally, but very soft - and such fun colors! Yummy! LOL

Work-in-Progress Wristlets

These will all go into my Etsy store, although I'm a little unsure of pricing. They take a lot more work than my other accessories, but I don't want to price them so high they don't sell. I think pricing my work has been one of the hardest tasks I've tackled in the last year, although I'm far from finished. It seems an ongoing task, especially when I keep coming up with new ideas for products! LOL

At least I'm not alone in my uncertainty, it seems as if it's pretty unknown territory for a lot of sellers. Check out this awesome Whip Up post on Pricing Your Work. Any thoughts on how you price your work? Or about my prices? I'd really love to hear them! I'm just starting to get into a fun groove with all of the work on the store lately, but I'm super excited to see where it'll take me!

Another sneaky tidbit - I'm planning on adding Tree Branch Earrings to my store, but my focus this month has been trying to promote my tsumami kanzashi flower snaps. Look for them towards the end of February, or feel free to contact me for custom designs!

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