My Favorite Monday!

Well, Monday isn't my favorite day of the week, but I couldn't resist the alliteration! I've often wondered about the details of other bloggers lives, so I thought I'd share a few of mine!

My favorite color is Tiffany or robin's egg blue, vibrant blue with just a hint of green to it.

My favorite food is pizza; sometimes thin & crispy, and sometimes thick Chicago style!

My favorite snack is French fries. My favorite restaurant, The Capital Grille (in Lombard) makes the best - parmesan truffle fries!

My favorite drink is a French martini, Chambord liquor + vodka + pineapple juice = tasty! (Sometimes at bars they add a touch of champagne, too!)

My favorite outfit is a ribbed tank and yoga pants, and I'm lucky enough to wear them to work - at home!

My favorite singer is Nina Simone, and (currently) my favorite song is Trouble In Mind.

My favorite movie is The Fifth Element, and my favorite scene is when the Chinese food vendor bets Bruce Willis lunch saying, "Great Father say, it never rain everyday; this is good news, guaranteed. I bet you lunch!" A very close second is I, Robot. I loved Alan Tudyk as Sonny, and find the paradox of what makes us human, and could a machine posses whatever that is(?) very fascinating. Thirdly, (only because it's the newest,) is Serenity. I loved it even more after I watched the TV series, Firefly.

My favorite book is Dreaming Metal, by Melissa Scott. And my favorite genre of books is hard Sci-Fi (hard refers to the use of real, or theoretically real science; instead of made up.) I also have an affinity for strong heroines, and prefer books set in the near or far future.

My favorite show is The Mythbusters. I'm fond of large explosions, and they have the best! I often think they have the best jobs on tv! LOL Close second goes to Mind of Mencia, on Comedy Central. My husband and I went to a late show of his (Carlos Mencia,) and he was bold and hilarious; two qualities not often seen combined these days!

I'd really love to read more about you, too! Add a comment, or a link to your blog!


  1. The Capitol Grille here in Philly is great, too. We always ordered the onion straws and cottage fries as our appetizer ... but they've taken it off the menu. :( There are plenty of other tasty goodies though (we'd try the fries, except my husband hates parmesean).

    Thanks for the list. I always like learning about blogger's lives, too.

  2. I've never heard of a French martini before, but I think I need to try one. Yum!



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