Migraines suck...

I had a nice post all planned out for today; but unfortunately I lost a whole day of work yesterday to a migraine. I was actually on my way home from lunch with my Mom, when it hit. The first thing that I noticed was a visual aura, which let me tell you, is a little disturbing when you're driving on the tollway at 70 mph. Basically, part of my field of vision in one, or both of my eyes, becomes distorted. It's like tv static, except it starts at the point of focus and spreads until it's past my peripheral vision. (It usually takes 20-40 minutes to grow, and I know I need to be in quiet darkness after the aura's gone, because pain is close behind.) It's normally a C-shape, so I can still see, but when it's in my focus point, it's very difficult.

Why didn't I just stop you ask? Well, because when I get migraines I need to lay down in the dark, and rest. Not really possible in the middle of the day on the side of the highway. So, I was really freaked out, and just made it home before the pain came on in waves. It starts with a stiff neck, but overwhelmingly takes over my whole body. They usually come with nausea, sensitivity to light & sound; and sometimes I'll get chills, or sweat.

Headaches aren't really anything new for me, I've had them frequently since I was younger. But migraines croppped up in my early 20's, and although I have a handle on them most of the time, I still get stress-triggered migraines. More and more I think I should get treated for them, because when I have one, it completely takes over my life. Like yesterday... I was hoping to get a bunch of accessories done for my store; and all I could do was try and sleep. Meh...


  1. Sorry. :(

    I love your fancy chrysanthemum. Are you going to make more of those for the shop?

  2. Yes! I'm actually working on more flowers for the store today!



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