FO - Quilted Patchwork Purse

Ok, so I'm more than a year behind everyone else on this, but when I saw the tutorial on Autum's blog, Creative Little Daisy, I knew I had to make one myself. This was actually a belated Christmas present for my Mother, who is understanding enough to not make me feel too bad about it's timing. I found the ribbon on the handle first, and just loved the combo of pink, purple and orange. Then I found the purple minky fabric, and knew what I was going to turn it all into.

Quilted Patchwork Purse

Well as it turns out, the minky doesn't quilt well, so I decided to leave those panels blank. Originally, I was planning on alternating the quilting thread color on each panel, but when I decided to leave the purple blank, I knew that would be the right choice for the quilting. I also decided mid-project to add cording between the outer body and the lining, although I kept it very petite.

Quilted Patchwork Purse - DetailThe orange stretch twill I used came from a remnant, and it had "Sample" marks all over it, so I didn't have enough to do the lining out of it. It worked well for the cording, and I used more of the pink stretch twill for the lining. It was a little thick, but I used a scrap of the purple minky for a gathered patch pocket, and so I think it all worked out well. I'm meeting my Mom for lunch on Thursday, and I hope she likes it!

The handle is 1" nylon webbing with minky fabric over it, and ribbon sewn on top. I was worried my machine might not sew through the webbing, but I actually had more problems with the final top-stitching at the side seams than anything else. I sewed the magnestic closures and the tops of the pocket to the lining for extra strength (by hand.) If you have any questions, feel free to ask!


  1. autum9.1.07

    What a nice gift, I'm sure your mom will love it. I really like the use of cording, I may try that.

  2. I'm sure your mom just loved the patchwork purse! I think it's interesting that you used solid colors in lieu of prints (which, I think are the more popular choice for patchwork bags). Great choices for colors...I would have never thought of combining pink, purple, and orange.h

  3. The gathered pocket looks great. I love the purse. :)

  4. I just love this purse, it is so adorable! If you don't mind me asking where did you find the pattern? You did a wonderful job, I am sure your mother will loved it!



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