Sneak(er) Peek!

New Puma Sneakers!Hahaha! I made a pun! (I'm know, I'm a little weird! LOL) Anyhoo, I went shoe shopping yesterday, (I had a coupon that expired soon, so I thought I'd use it,) and found the cutest Puma sneakers - on sale! And with my extra 10$ off, they were only 27$! I saw the same shoes with a different accent color for full price of 59.95$, so I was very pleased with myself!

Cashmere Ribbon WristletOn another happy note, I've got a store sneak peek for you, my new Cashmere Ribbon Wristlets! I used pinking shears for a fun edge, and I've found some really awesome ribbon lately. It took me a while to get sizing worked out, and I'd appreciate any thoughts you might have! I'll be making 3 sizes for the store, small, medium & large, (at 6", 7" and 8", respectively.)

They also feature velcro closures, so the sizes are adjustable about 1 1/2" larger/smaller either way. I made the small so small, partially because it's my wrist size, and also so I could market to younger girls as well.
Cashmere Ribbon Wristlet
I picked up cashmere in light & dark pink, aqua, green & lavender, so watch out for lots of fun new styles! (I'm soooo keeping this one for myself... Can you blame me? It's pink-ness is so yummy! LOL)

Also, I apologize for some link problems with the store button to the side. I'm not quite sure how to fix it since I use Firefox (and didn't even see it myself - thanks again, June!) But, here's a plain 'ol link to - My Etsy Store. Thanks for looking, and I really appreciate comments and/or suggestions!


  1. Those are terribly adorable! I bet the cashmere makes them super soft against your wrist, too. Way to go!b

  2. Ooo, cashmere, how luxurious! I think your three sizes would pretty much cover just about every wrist out there. Heh, can't blame you for keeping the pink and blue one for yourself...it suits you perfectly.



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