WIP Wednesday

WIP Cable Experiment

Admittedly, I started my husband's Christmas present much too late to have it done on time. So, I'm still working on it. I don't knit very fast, although the new needles have definitely improved my pace. I'm trying to get things going though, I'd like to get a garment on the needles for myself soon.

It'll probably be the Blue Sky Alpacas mini skirt; my sister helped me get the right gauge before the holidays got really busy. I'm also contemplating having another go at the Razor cami, and Interweave Knits Prairie Tunic is also on my list to do. Don't even get me started with shrugs & wraps, though - I want to knit a Lady Eleanor, a Squiggle shawl, a turtleneck shrug/scarf and a One Skein wonder (with long sleeves!) Oh, and of course, there's the Clapotis! Oy… that's a lot of knitting, and I'm really trying to focus on my store this year!

WIP Cable Experiment (w/ flash)

Anyway, this scarf is just 10 cables without the border treatment, so they meld together to form this nice rippled texture. It was just sort of an experiment gone right, but I love it when that happens! It reminds me of a manly Clapotis, although maybe that's just my imagination! LOL! I also got a lovely new knitting tote from my husband (for my birthday,) the color is perfect, and it's just perfect for projects in progress.

The second pic was taken with a flash, and it shows the cables well. The texture they create makes seeing each line of them difficult. Oops! I almost forgot to mention, this is just 2 balls of Lion brand Microspun. I just added the second ball, so I'm about midway through.

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  1. Nice start, Kari! Lion Brand Microspun is so very soft...I'm sure the scarf will get lots of use. Hahah, I recently got Scarf Style, too! I've already started on a Lady Eleanor over the holidays. =) Knit-a-long? Bwahhaha



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