Another late post for me, although it's because I've been working very hard on my Etsy store this week. I'd really appreciate some feedback, so if you have a minute, would you click through (via the Etsy link to the side,) and let me know what you think? I've really tried to bump up the quality of my photography, although some colors are still very tough for me to capture well. (Like this vintage blue Robert Kaufman print.)

I'm also planning on adding tsumami kanzashi flower sets to the store, but I wanted to get some ala carte items up first. I have a bunch of fun stuff in the works, soon; and I'm super excited! LOL I only hope other people like my tsumami flowers & accessories as much as I do! Hahaha! :)


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  2. I think your shop looks great. I also think that showing a pic of the print before it was folded up is a good idea. The shopper can have and idea of what it looks like even if it is difficult to tell in the final product. Good luck!

  3. Your items look lovely and you do them so well. I wish you great success.



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