How I spent my Labor Day weekend*...

*Also Known As - I HATE dhl and bluefly! (Angry rant w/ no craftiness!)

Someone had a much better day than me on Friday. Someone got a gorgeous cyan silk jersey convertible dress from bluefly. Someone got MY dress from bluefly, and I had the worst day ever.

See, I ordered said dress the weekend before last, and was tracking the package though dhl's website. They said it would be here on Friday, Aug 31. So, the day finally comes, and I check the tracking page again. It said delivered, and I was ecstatic to check my doorstep. And then my heart dropped, because it wasn't there. The delivery driver had marked it, "Left at front door" to my address, and it wasn't there. I started to freak out….

So I called bluefly, and they asked if it was behind a bush. I thought that was hilarious, because the delivery drivers around here don't bother hiding packages. If it wasn't on my step, it wasn't here. That's it, not hiding on my property, not anywhere up or down my street in fact (my sweet husband checked.) Then, the girl told me that they had one left, and I could purchase it, while they figured out what happened to the first one. That's right folks, she recommended I purchase ANOTHER dress, even though the first had failed to be delivered properly.

Meanwhile, I called dhl, and they paged the driver. Of course, his reaction was that he left it on the front door step. Obviously not - I was home all fricken day! So they tried to page him again, after he was supposed to return to my address; and the asshole had gone home for the day. Of course, it was Labor day, and everyone and their brother just wanted to get home for the long weekend.

Whoever you are who got my dress, I bet you had the best day of your life on Friday… a free 200$ silk jersey dress out of nowhere - but you cost me the worst day I can remember, as well as the cutest dress I could've found before my Hawaii trip. I still can't believe how badly bluefly's treated me, and I'm shocked at dhl's performance, too. Caveat Emptor I guess… but it gives me little comfort right now. Oy.

ETA: Bluefly has now promised to ship another dress via dhl at no cost to me. Can you guess how much faith I have in them actually getting it here???


  1. Anonymous4.9.07

    That sounds horrible... I don't think there's any hope for ANY of the delivery companies, they're all horrible! I really hope you do get your dress, and whoever stole yours gets some serious bad karma.

  2. Anonymous5.9.07

    How awful! But good thing another one is coming your way after all...some companies need "practice" the first time around.

  3. Anonymous5.9.07

    Ugg I have had similar experiences with UPS and USPS too! The terrible thing is that there is no alternatives to using them!! Once UPS misdelivered a package of mine, and then accused me of lying to them about it. The UPS guy seriously wanted to come up to my apartment and check for it. Isn't that insane!?

  4. I am a UPS girl and even like my usps. But DHL and FedEx bring out the bad words. Anyway make sure you don't get charged another cent. You never received the product. I'm sure you know this but yeah anyway...I hope it gets there.



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