More Cake Pops!

Tiffany Blue Cake Pops

After weeks of worth, I must say I'm glad to have my sister's shower over with. I enjoyed working on it, but to be completely truthful, I should've given myself 3 days to prep and I only planned for 2. Two batches of chex mix, 2 1/2 dozen cake pops rolled, lollipopped, dipped, decorated and packaged, a store bought sheet cake (thank god!) and 2 dozen peach roses - it's all over. I even managed to not take pictures of my sister's present - a pair of pachyderms that also happened to be my first DPN project. Hopefully I'll be able to snap some pictures at her house of them!

Cake Pops - Baby Shower

Anyhoo, after it was all over, I had another 3 dozen cake pops to decorate for myself (as a bit of a reward.) Of course, I had to use my favorite combo of Tiffany blue and white for a few of them. I tried to do bows, but my candy melt was a bit too hot, and poured too messy to distinguish a nice bow from, oh well. I did also manage to decorate a few to match the ones I made for the shower* (although I'll admit I got lazy at 12:30AM the morning of the shower, and used only blue to decorate all of the 4 colors... instead of the awesome-color-coordination going on here.) You know, it's the blog world - of course I'm going to try and make it nicer. Don't we all? Now I'm paranoid it's just me!

*I used candy melts to match the colors in these Martha Stewart bags we used for the favors. Call it the perfectionist in me! Hehehehe.


  1. WOW! That was a lot of work, your sister is so lucky. The cake pops look so yummy.

  2. Seriously you're the cake pop queen! Camdyn saw these and now keeps asking for them... ;)

    I have to say, the colors on your blog always make me so happy. Everything is so perfectly coordinated.

    You must get a picture of the elephants you gave her. Sounds adorable.


  3. I've been waiting for ages to see your elephants - get over to your sister's house with your camera immediately!

    *giggling at your yummy blue and white cake pops* - how very Kari ;)

  4. Mmmm... pretty! I would love to see the pair of pachyderms : )

  5. Hi!

    I'm a bit of a lurker (though I find that word kind of creepy, and I promise I'm not creepy), writing with just a quick question. What kind of camera do you use and do you like it? I'm in the market and I really love your photography. Thanks in advance!

    KateHalloran AT gmail DOT com

  6. very cute! I love the color!

  7. Soooooooooooooooooooo cute! They are making me hungry!

  8. I've made the cake pops too, but none as cute as those up top! How did you get the Tiffany Blue icing? Looks like the match the walls in your studio...what color is that? I'm obsessed with Aqua - can't get enough...I'm off to mix up some more pops for a party this weekend...hope they make it that long!

  9. They look beautiful. I really love your blog.

  10. nice and yummy =))))



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