Feature Friday - Baggu Bags

When I read about these Baggu bags on Not Martha's blog, I wanted to try them out for myself. I've been wanting to buy a set of reusable bags for quite some time, and the fact that I could pick from such a wide range of colors really sealed it for me. Plus, I got a fun storage sack, too!

They really can hold 2-3 times what a regular plastic bag would, and didn't even snap a thread when I stuffed 2 2L pops (I know, hcfs sucks - that's for another day!) plus 51L bottles of water in one bag! I'm seriously impressed, they hold up superbly, look great; and I thought it was pretty easy to fold them back up to put them in in their boxy pouches.

All in all, I have to give these a glowing review. Except for the fact that the bagger looked at me like I was crazy for having such large reusables; I just thought to myself," if you put things in, in the right way - they stand up on their own just fine!"


  1. you can find a free pattern on burdastyle for this kind of bag: its name is "Charlie" (http://www.burdastyle.com/patterns?filter=117&sortby=mostrecent)

  2. Those are great and the colours are really pretty. The price isn't bad either!

    We use one of those big blue honkin' IKEA bags for trips to the grocery store. You can fit a lot of stuff in one of those babies!



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