FO Friday - Yet Another Hemlock Ring Blanket

I can't believe I've got another Hemlock Ring to show off this week, as I wasn't planning on posting this one til next week, but such is life!

Hemlock Ring Blanket w/ garter ridges!

I really, really enjoyed knitting this blanket, both because I added the traditional garter ridge found in the feather & fan pattern (not found on the original Hemlock pattern,) and because this yarn was like butter to knit with! So soft, and just the right amount of stretch to it. I almost wish I'd made it bigger, but I hate blocking these buggers when they're done - it's always such a chore!

Hemlock Ring - Closeup

1 comment:

  1. I love yours with the garter ridge even better than the original I think! It's beautiful!

    Alice @ http://kathrynivy.com



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