FO Fri - Lagoon Hemlock Ring Blanket

Lagoon Hemlock Ring Blanket
I can hardly believe how fast this project finished up (that is, except for the blocking part!) I was complaining last time, saying it would take forever, and then the edges sucked up all that end yarn! Hehe.

Oh, and then it took me forever to block it, because I'm a lazy procrastinator! I wish I'd added the garter ridge on this blanket, but I started it before the other one. Ah well, just another reason to knit one more for myself! :)

Lagoon Hemlock Ring Blanket - Closeup

Specs - see this blanket on Ravelry!

Lagoon Hemlock Ring Blanket

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  1. Gorgeous! I felt so proud when I finished mine and I still love it. Congrats on your finish!



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