Dreamfall's FINALLY here!!!

Ok, so after waiting years for a sequel to The Longest Journey - It's FINALLY here! It had so much wrapping on the outside I actually cut myself ripping into it. I felt like a 6 year-old; and it ROCKS!

Except, I can't play it yet. Or rather, I shouldn't play it yet, because I'm having family over for dinner, and I have to clean my house. Oh yes, you read that right, I am cleaning my house in favor of playing a pc game I've waited 5+ years for. Man, I can't wait til Sunday - then I'm free!

Except sort of not really free - my craft room is a volcano threatening to erupt right now. I cleared the closet so I could paint & organize it, and apparently my timing couldn't have been worse! It's literally mountains of stashness, just waiting to take a tumble! I just hope I can tame it before it annihilates me. LOL I can't stand chaos in my craft room.

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