Ravelry Rocks!

As you may already know, some things get around the Blog-O-Sphere pretty quick. Ravelry is one of them, maybe it's because there's so many knitting blogs out there, or maybe because we like to share great finds with other knitters. Either way, Ravelry rocks! LOL I finally scored my invite over the weekend, and I couldn't be more impressed. A place for everything, and everything in it's place, just how I like it.

Ravelry - Notebook

Basically, it's an online knitting journal, keeping track of all of your projects all in one place. It integrates Flickr pictures and blog posts, and lets you share all sorts of info with your fellow knitters (all you hookers, too! LOL) Yarn & pattern specs, with easy ranking systems for how much you like the yarn and/or project. A growing community, it's still in Beta right now, but I know it'll only get bigger & better. It sort of reminds me of a young Etsy, even though it's not a selling/auction site; I can tell how much Jess & Casey really care about making the concept the best it can be. What I like most, is how helpful Ravelry will be for those who don't blog. Some people don't like it, or can't keep up with it, but it's still nice to see what they're making anyway! (Wink, wink Jenn!)

Ravelry - Edit Photos

The Stash section is probably my favorite, as I've been trying to take a real inventory of my stash for a couple years now! Add pictures, mark it all as used up, add notes - so many features I'm still learning them all! I'm super excited to have such a great system to catalog my knitting projects & materials. My second favorite feature is the Queue - where you can line up all of the projects you want to work on next! Normally, I'd just stuff all of those ideas up into my head, and end up forgetting at least one in the process. LOL Now, I can line up as many as I want, and I can add details & notes, so as not to forget even the tiniest thought. Awesome!

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  1. Anonymous15.5.07

    I added my name to the list, but I still haven't heard back yet. It sounds like it will be awesome once it is up!



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