WIP Wednesday - Pleated Skirt

Pleated Skirt WIPWhen I first saw this skirt on Wendy's blog, I knew I had to have it. I ended up going to Stitches Midwest a few weeks later with my Mom & sister, and lo and behold - I found it at one of the first booths we stopped at. I knew right away I wanted it in turquoise, although violet was a close second. I almost got both to do the inset pleats in purple against the body of the skirt in turquoise, but I'd never knit a real garment before, just scarves & wraps.

I let it sit around for a while, probably because I was very intimidated by the pattern text. It's really strange, but it seemed like a foreign language to me at first; and trying to take the whole page in made my head hurt. After I knit my Clapotis though, I don't have as much trepidation about working patterns anymore. I just look up any abbreviations I don't know before I cast on, and if I do hit one I don't know mid-project, it's pretty easy to hop over to Knitting Help for videos (in both English & continental styles!) I really prefer visual instructions, I learn things so much quicker, and I can remember it better, later. Learning things has always been easier when I can see something done, and then replicate it myself.

Pleated Skirt

When I finished the pleats, I thought I might want to add some short rows, so it didn't ride up my butt (a tip from Wendy, great idea!) There was only one problem… I didn't know how to do them without getting holes in the work, and holes on my butt - not desirable!!! LOL Normally I would've just looked it up, but I'd read so many comments from people scared of them too, that I wondered whether it would slow my project to a halt. Then fate intervened, as Knit Picks added illustrated instructions on how to add short rows without holes (to their latest catalog.) It was like the sky opened up, and a choir started singing angelically. LOL

So, I did my very first short rows on this project, and I'm both proud of achieving the desired effect, and surprised by how easy it really was. I'm really glad I added them in, as I'm knitting the 15" version, and don't need it creeping up my backside! Now, if only I could even out my knit-to-purl transitions! LOL (BTW - It's the Blue Sky Alpacas Pleated Skirt pattern.)I'll be casting on for the front side after I finish my stuff up for Star - I owe her big time, both because she totally spoiled me, and because I'm taking my sweet-ass time getting her stuff finished for our personal swap. I'm just being nit-picky about getting Blythe doll clothes perfect, and they're so tiny it's driving me a little nuts! LOL


  1. Anonymous23.5.07

    Ooh, it's so pretty and it matches your blog! ;)

  2. Wow, that's really nice! I wonder how long the two different sizes are - I see that one is 15", is the other one shorter or longer? Any action shots?



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