Super Swap Goodies!

A while back, I asked Star if she'd be up for a personal trade with me. I'd never really done one before, although I have sent off surprise packages before (and I owe another to Shirley, sorry girl!) Anyway, she agreed and asked me for a patchwork purse in return. Little did I know though, just how much she was going to spoil me! (I haven't sent to her yet, because of my nasty cold the last few weeks. Didn't want to send a Pandora's box-o-cold germs! LOL)

Personal Swap - The Goods!

Not only did I get the handspun yarn of my dreams, but she included 2 beautiful knit sweaters for my Blythe dolls, along with 2 hats, a shoulder/headwrap, a really cute little dress made by Atsuko, roving, more roving and more roving! LOL I actually bought some of this from her Etsy store, but I'm glad I did, cuz I'm still really a beginner spinner.

Please excuse the harsh shadows in these pics, I really wanted to capture the color. The aqua batts have holographic thread, and the pink is so soft & lovely with 15% mohair. She also sent some lovely brocade fabric, Kool-Aid in flavors I haven't tried before, and some really cute doll accessories. I doubt the sunglasses will fit, LOL! Blythe heads are huge!

Personal Swap - The Goods!

Josie and her (unnamed still!) sister couldn't wait to try on their new stuff! Don't the knits go great with Josie's new Squeaky Monkey jeans? LOL Even her bra straps match, how cool is that?!?! Star even sent some Blythe-sized knitting! I wish their hands were a little more poseable, though. It can be tough to make them "hold" things for photos. Unnamed Violet went straight for the dress Atsuko made, I think it goes well with the Noro Silk Garden Lite hat.

More Swap Goodies!

Thank you SOOOO much for everything, Star! I promise I'll try to finish your purse up soon!!! I only have the handles to make, so it should be this week or next! (Thanks for being patient with me, while I was feeling so crummy!)


  1. Anonymous14.5.07

    Oooo, what a fabulous package. Both of your Blythes look lovely, and that yarn! Beautiful. You lucky girl.

    Don't stress about sending me a package. Haha, I've fallen behind my crafting schedule for you, too.

  2. Anonymous14.5.07

    Still unnamed? She is so cute with her knitting though! I am so jealous of that Tiffany's yarn!

  3. Really, the cutest package ever. I want to knit some blythe-sized hats! I am also in disbelief as to how good the pic of that roving looks with your blog color scheme.

  4. yay! please don't feel bad. I'm so relieved you like everything!



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