And The Winner Is...

With so many great suggestions for what to knit next, it was really hard to pick a winner! A few highlights - Marsha recommended a Moebius scarf from a ball of Suri Dream, Obssesed with knittting suggested a Morning Surf scarf with KP Shimmer, and Bunnysquirrel thought my La Luz multi would make a beautiful My So Called Scarf - among bunches of other great suggestions! I'm so grateful to all who entered, you really made it tough to decide what to knit next, in a good way! LOL

I had to go with Michelle's combination of the Montego Bay scarf and my remaining SWTC Bamboo - it was just too perfect not to knit it next. I'm still dying to try Sea Silk, but I can't find it locally, and buying on the internet can be tough to choose colors, or pick the right one. Michelle, please let me know what color beads you'd like most (I have pink, dark lilac, robin's egg blue and white pearls available. The white pearls are slightly larger, though.) I'll also need your address, you can email me or leave another comment with your email address, so I can get in touch with you.

A great big thanks to everyone who entered, I really appreciate the time you took to stop by and leave a comment! I had lots of fun with this contest, so I may have to do another one soon! God knows I've been having a tough time deciding lots of things, lately!!!


  1. Great choice! Have fun with the moebius cast on!!

  2. Yay! Thank you!
    I just sent you a note through your Ravelry account.
    I never win anything!!! :)

  3. Anonymous17.7.07

    Great choice! I can just kick myself for missing out on the fun.

  4. You can get Sea Silk locally if you want to drive to Downers Grove. www.knitche.com it's my favorite lys. Anyway, yay for new project!

  5. Hey! I can't find your email address so I'm commenting! I dropped off the face of the earth and just now realized you spotlighted my blog back in APRIL! Thanks so much. And how did I not know you were in Chicago? We should get together!!



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