My Best Laid Plans... Reprioritized

I had this great plan today, to list a few tree branch earrings in my shop. I even have a post all written up, but alas - it's not going to happen today. I'm having a party for my Mom's birthday tomorrow night, and I'm all consumed with cleaning and errands today. Last year, I left it all til' the day of, and I didn't get to enjoy myself as much because I was too exhausted. Definitely don't want a repeat experience, so I'm trying to pull most of it together today.

Menu -
BBQ Chicken (Sweet Baby Ray's sauce, it's the best.... seriously.)
Baked potato wedges - courtesy of my sister, she saved my butt because I normally make fries, but my deep fryer needs replacing.
Fresh corn on the cob - ok, so I'm making the birthday girl bring it!

Chocolate almost-flourless cake - again my sister stepped up, I'm not really a cake baker (see next!)
White chocolate mousse, with raspberry Chambord sauce - my kind of dessert - no bake! LOL

I've posted the recipe for the mousse before, but I wasn't satisfied with my pictures before. Maybe I'll have to revisit it. I also keep thinking about turning the tree branch earring tutorial into a pretty-printable pdf, anybody interested? I have some experience with vectors, and I thought illustrations might be a bit clearer than my original flash-high-contrast pics. Let me know what you think! I appreciate it!

Thanks also to those who've entered my contest! I've gotten 18 suggestions from 14 people entered. There's still 2 more days to go, though I'm tempted to keep it open over the weekend. So many great suggestions and ideas! Keep them coming, because I may decide to award another winner, as well!

Oh, and another last minute thought - I'm going to BlogHer this year! And I get to see Natalie Zee Drieu! And Amy Sedaris! And there's a talk on artificial intelligence! Can you tell how fricken' excited I am?!?!?! LOL Anyway, I'm only doing the second day, but I'm really looking forward to it. Anybody else going to be at the craftblogging talk?


  1. Anonymous12.7.07

    Oooh, I still may need to think up something for your contest. I think I would be interested in that pdf, but I probably would rather buy a pair ;) I'll have to check back to see when you list them!

  2. Oh! I am so jealous that you will see Amy Sedaris in person. She is my craft heroine. I have this whole plan to get my book signed by her and wear my fake butt undergarment at the same time - because I think she would really like it (did you ever hear the story about her and the fat suit). Too much info?



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