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Tree Branch Earrings - Robin's Egg BlueI still can't quite believe I finished knitting my Wisp in less than a week. I wasn't planning on having it done this fast, and so I hadn't given much thought to what I would knit next. This is where you come in! Help me decide what to knit next, and you could win a pair of Tree Branch earrings! Leave a comment with what you think I should knit next, (links are welcome, too!) and a short reason why (if you've got a minute more!) If I pick your suggestion you'll get to pick a pair of earrings from the stock I have on hand. For the most part, they're the same except for bead color/shape.

More about me - I'm a relatively intermediate knitter, I've tackled a cami, mini skirt, and a couple other projects where gauge was critical. I've done lace and circular knitting, although not on DPN's - I find them hard to hold and weird to work with. My favorite kind of project is both functional and beautiful, although I do enjoy more whimsical items every now and again. I'm not into socks (due to aforementioned dislike of DPNs,) or hats; but I do have a few Blythe dolls, and enjoy the tiny knitting.

I like almost anything ocean or sea related, and my favorite colors are aqua, lilac & other cool jewel tones. My stash isn't huge, but I do have some great stuff I'm looking to use, here's some highlights -
Right now I have pink, purple and robin's egg blue tree branch earrings, but I'll have more colors available later in the week. Feel free to ask any questions, I'll do my best to answer them for you! Contest ends next Friday, July 13th (also my Mom's birthday!) 3 entries per person, only please! I'd like to give everyone a fair shot. Thanks for playing!

ETA: I'm also open to new yarn purchases, so feel free to suggest them as well. Those were just a few I'm looking to use up. I love finding new favorites, too! Also, please check out my Flickr stream for pics of these yarns, and others in my stash. Thanks again!


  1. I've always wanted to knit the Turtleneck Shrug from Scarf Style (a pair of sleeves joined with a turtleneck). When I can't decide on a project, I try and find a technique I don't know how to do and look for patterns including that. My next one will be socks on 2 circular needles, rather than the dpns (when the yarn comes in). The one I'm working on now is the Elisa Nest tote from the Purl Bee.

  2. My other suggestion is also from Scarf Style- you could try the Lady Eleanore Entrelac Stole.

  3. Anonymous7.7.07

    What about the clapotis (from knitty)? You could use the SWTC Bamboo for that. You should have just enough.

    Your wrap is a beautiful color. Nice work.

  4. Anonymous7.7.07

    I just bought some deep purple SWTC bamboo to make the Montego Bay Scarf from the latest Interweave. Here's a link to a great photo:
    You should have enough Bamboo for the pattern, and the drape would be fantastic!

    Beautiful earrings!
    Good luck choosing your next project!

  5. Anonymous7.7.07

    Oops...the link cut off... add the following after 2007:


  6. I get lots of compliments on the Morning Surf Scarf:
    I used Knit Picks Shimmer in Morning Mist.

    I suggest this because you like the ocean and sea-related items!

    Happy Knitting!

  7. How about the Cropped Dress-Up Cardigan with your K1C2:


    or Branching Out (since it matches your earrings!):


  8. Anonymous7.7.07

    Your Wisp turned out so pretty!

    For a your new project, you could get some Sea Silk lace weight and do a scarf.

  9. hmm, i see you have some la luz. what about the lacy camisole from last minute knitted gifts?

  10. For the SWTC Bamboo, you can knit the Lotus Blossom Tank from Interweave Knits Summer 2006: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/lotus-blossom-tank

  11. Those earrings are gorgeous! I would suggest the Kiri shawl, with your K1C2 - I've wanted to make that pattern forever, it's so pretty, but I'm really not much of a shawl person, so I haven't done it yet.


  12. Anonymous10.7.07

    Those are really pretty!

    Have you considered doing socks on circulars, either using 2 circs or magic loop method? It's a lot less fiddly than DPNs. There's a Ravelry -along for people tackling socks for the first time so you'd have plenty of moral support.

    I think your Fiesta La Luz would make a beautiful My So Called Scarf. That's what I want to use for mine too.

  13. Oh my, I love the handspun! It is just gorgeous! (does the spinner have a shop?) With the Douceur et Soie, I would consider a modified Grace from Knitty, or maybe Rowan's Butterfly?

  14. This may be a little harder to find, but how about the mohair wrap sweater from Rebecca 29 with the Douceur et Soie? It's one of my favorite sweaters that I made - here's the link to my version.


    Good luck!

  15. Anonymous12.7.07

    You could make the piece of clothing I'm wearing today: I used just over 2 skeins of variegated SWTC Bamboo to make the Ballet Camisole from MagKnits

    but I added the "Chinese Lace" pattern from Barbara Walker's 2nd Treasury, adapted for the round


    up to just below the bust--worked a row of eyelets--then used the MagKnits gathered sweetheart neckline. I threaded a silver ribbon through the eyelets under the bust and tied it in the back. It was easy, and cool and comfy for summer!

  16. Anonymous12.7.07


    What a nice Wisp! Are you interested in trying DPNs at all? Because with your love of oceany things, Knitty's Nautie is a perfect pattern. It was my first DPN project and perfect for learning how to use them. Here's the link:


    Otherwise, I suggest the project I'm doing right now: the Cherry sweater.


    Otherwise, maybe try some Entrelac. If you use Paton's SWS, it sort of self-stripes into neat blocks.


  17. Anonymous12.7.07

    What a creative way to address the "what shall I knit next?" question! It looks like you're getting lots of great suggestions. I suspect your "things to knit" list is growing by leaps and bounds today.

    I suggest using the Suri Dream to make a Moebius scarf. The cast-on is a new technique to learn, but after that it's a very portable (and easy to put down and pick up again without losing your place) project. If you're not interested in a scarf for yourself, they do make great gifts. :) I've found that one ball of Suri Dream is just right for a wide-but-short Moebius scarf, but you can of course change that up as you like.

    Good luck with your next project, whatever it is!

  18. Stargazer from Magknits July,2007 http://www.magknit.com would be perfect. This top is a good transition from from late summer to early fall. The yarn used is inexpensive and there is a yarn sub included also. It comes in a good range of sizes and best og all it's free. The one in the website is aqua which has an ocean feel.

  19. I've always loved the FLOWER POWER SHRUG from the staff designs at Interweave. Here's a link to download the PDF.
    It'd look great I think in the Douceur et Soie. I LOVE picking out the next pattern...have fun! What great suggestions...

  20. There is a simple and light scarf called "airy scarf" in the book, "Last Minute knitted gifts". I am going to make one as soon as my douceur et soie [also in seafoam!] arrives early next week. You could make two scarves with one of your douceur et soie balls.

  21. Anonymous12.7.07

    I think Heartstrings Silk Smoke a cowl pattern or you can wear it as a wimple would be gorgeous for your K1C2 Douceur et Soile. I've made a few and they're great to wear. Lots of cowls in the fashion shows this fall too.
    ritaknitting at hotmail dot com

  22. I just cast on a Moonlight Sonata Shawl - nice, straight-forward knit!

  23. I think a simple knit clutch purse from the homespun yarn. A wonderful addition for a night out dressed in crisp white with turquoise jewerly. You have a very inspiring site thank you.



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