Tree Branch Earrings - For Sale!!!

I'm very proud to finally offer for sale my Tree Branch earrings! It's taken me much longer to get my act together and build a little inventory than I'd hoped; but I'm happy to finally be ready!

Tree Branch Earrings - Rose SwarovskiTree Branch earrings are offered in two sizes, small and large (less than 2" long, and longer.) They can be customized with any color beads and wire desired, although I'm still trying to find copper colored ear wires that won't discolor skin. Want multiple bead colors? I can do that, too - as well as multiple bead sizes or styles.

Right now I'm using hypoallergenic and sterling silver ear wires, but other metal findings are available upon request. If you have a question I haven't answered here, feel free to contact me via Etsy, or email (Crafty |NOSPACE| Ginger |AT| Gmail |DOT| com.) Custom orders are always welcome, and I really like working on them!

Eventually I'll also get around to using the tree branch wire concept to include more products, but I don't want to give too much away now and spoil the surprise! LOL I have a bunch of ideas, and even a few prototypes in the works already; so keep an eye out for new products!

Lastly, an apology - I've probably mentioned a little bit too much by now, that I was feeling a bit burned out about my store lately. My tsumami kanzashi snaps weren't selling like I wanted, and no matter what I tried, I couldn't seem to pump up sales. So, I took a little break. A few weeks off
(okaaay... maybe a few more than a few!) to clear my head of all that negative thinking. I think I made the right choice, because I'm feeling much better about my store, and where I want to go with it.

What do you do to clear your head when you're feeling stressed? I like bath bombs, but I've been too busy to make any lately! I finally had to hop on the Lush bandwagon, and order some bath bombs. They're certainly more colorful than mine, but I hate having to scrub the tub afterwards!


  1. They are beautiful. Good luck with them and I'm glad you've got your store mojo back.
    I used to do gardening (or more precisely just digging dirt) when I was stressed, but I don't have a yard anymore. Taking the dog to the park is always great--I'm guaranteed to come back in a better mood.

  2. Anonymous4.11.07

    Absolutely gorgeous. Good for you for getting back in the groove and coming up with new things for your store.

    When I'm about ready to break down from stress, I love taking a "time out" for myself. Cup of moroccan mint tea, a chapter in a favorite book...much more relaxed afterwards.

  3. Very pretty! Knitting helps me when I'm feeling stressed (unless, of course, the knitting is the source of my stress : ) )

  4. Anonymous5.11.07

    Love the tree earrings. They do look light, which I would imagine is a good thing. (I don't have pierced ears.) Lovely!



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