WIPwed - Nightshade My So Called Scarf

After I saw Alice's My So Called Scarf, I knew I had to make one for myself. I had originally thought I'd use a bit of leftover Malabrigo worsted merino; but I had less than one skein and it just didn't feel right for this project.

WIP Nightshade - My So Called Scarf

Then, earlier this week I realized I had the perfect yarn for it in my stash already - Colinette Mezzotint in this awesome nightshade colorway. It's not as soft as the Malabrigo would have been, but I doubt I could ever find a pattern better suited to showing off this yarn's spectacular colors.

Colinette MezzotintSimply put, they're gorgeous! Teals, blues and purples swirl with bits of green and a fair bit of grey mixed in - the finished object will look stunning with my new grey wool peacoat. (I'll try and get a pic of that soon, too - but no promises, I'm gone on Friday!)

Now, I'm flaking on my needle size choice, and wondering if I should frog it and restart with larger needles. I started with 10.5's and now I'm thinking I need to go up to 13's. Hhmmmph.


  1. Anonymous3.10.07

    I can tell already that the scarf is going to look fabulous. That yarn *is* gorgeous, it's perfect for that stitch pattern.

  2. Wow, you are going love working with that stuff the whole way! I have been in the mood for a MSCS for the last couple weeks--it seems several other people had the same thought!

  3. Anonymous3.10.07

    Yes that is definitely the PERFECT yarn for that scarf! I loooove the colors, it makes me want to make another one!

  4. Wow that pattern works so well with the colors in that yarn. Absolutely beautiful.

  5. I love it! The yarn is gorgeous and the stitch pattern looks great with it.

  6. Definitely a great pattern/yarn match!

  7. Beautiful color yarn, and I love this scarf but alas...I live in Miami, no need. :D Thanks for the positive comment on my Razor Cami. Yeah, It turned out okay but of course in that pic on my blog I'm hiding the armpit area where I messed up. I didn't add the straps where the points are at the armpit division...looks funny, but I really care. ha ha.

    Anyway, thanks again!



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