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I had really high hopes of posting about my vacation today, but I haven't gotten all of the pictures organized yet; and I think it's going to be so long it'll need to be broken up into two posts. Sorry to go all Tarantino after the first Kill Bill on you!

Nightshade My So Called Scarf WIP

So I thought I'd snap a few quickie pics of the progress I've made on My So Called Scarf. I didn't work on it a lot on vacation, but I managed to get it to over a foot. And the colors, oh my… they're working up beautifully. I keep wondering how I let this yarn languish in my stash so long, and the only thing I can come up with it that it was meant for this pattern. Hehehe.

Nightshade My So Called Scarf WIP - DetailJudging from the look of it, I originally thought it would be a fairly complex stitch pattern; but as it turns out - it's actually pretty easy! I just have to be careful not to knit too tightly. The different colors are just interesting enough to keep me going on this one, it's funny how the Knitting Daily emails have started covering "Why UFO's stay UFO's?" It's a very interesting concept, to examine why something I was so excited to start lays languishing on the needles for such a long time. Maybe I should save those thoughts for another day! (This one isn't languishing, but I have several other that are.)


  1. Your scarf is looking great. Usually my UFOs stay UFOs for stupid reasons. I make a mistake that would take 10 minutes to fix, but I become frustrated and move on. Then when I pick up the project weeds/months later I kick myself for such foolishness.

  2. Ooo, that is looking yummy! Don't you love the pattern? That yarn is a great choice for it!

  3. The scarf is looking gorgeous! I can't wait to see some of your vacation pictures.

  4. Those colors are so fun!



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