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Lilac Bamboo Handtowel

Handtowel - DetailWell, there 'ya go. I thought I was going to start with my Glacier Diamonds Scarf, and instead I went with a lilac hand-towel in 100% Bamboo. It's soooo soft! It only took about 3+ hours to knit, and a few more minutes to sew the ends in and photograph it (badly, but for proof!)

Specs - see it on Ravelry!
  • Pattern - my own, a simple stockinette body with seed stitch bands at the ends.
  • Yarn - Habu Bamboo XS-32 20/18, color 9 Lilac, 100% bamboo 85g 156yds
  • Needles - Knit Picks Interchangeable Circulars US size 6 & 32" cable
  • Finished - 1:11 CST (Have no clue what that is in Beijing time!)
I've entered this item in the Home Stuff Hammer Throw and Designer's Discus, and and I'm knitting for Teams Chicago, Cellular Peptide Cake (despite my lurkiness,) and Hopelessly Over-Committed. (I've signed up to design and knit a lace-weight stole!) One down, four more to go!

It's official - I'm a medal winner! Woo-hoo! I get another one for designing it myself, too! It's not that complex a design, but I'm glad I did something of my own! Especially since I have such a low chance of finishing my other design!!!

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