FO - Elinor's Dress

...or tunic, I'm not really quite sure yet! Haha!

Elinor's Dress

I only had a bit of finishing left on this for the Ravelympics, but it was kicking my butt! Thankfully it's all finished now, I just hope my new niece and her mom like it!

I used single crochet around just the opening, and for the button loops, but didn't carry it all the way around the edging. I just didn't think it needed it,
(plus, it's easier to weave the ends in on the long tail cast on for me, at least!)

If you'd like more details you can see my previous post about it, or just ask! Yeay! I got my medal for it! Woo-hoo!

Elinor's Dress - Buttons

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