FO - Glacier Diamonds Scarf

Glacier Diamonds Scarf - DetailIt was fast (and probably not-so dirty,) but here's my Glacier Diamonds Scarf ready to block. (It needs a wet-blocking baaaad!!!) Proof that I've completed my second Ravelympic entry! Can you tell how happy & excited I am! Yeay! Anyhoo, now it's onto the Dophin Shorty Shrug, with lots of garter stitch and a few short rows (eek!) but I'm really looking forward to it.

And then there's the Maui Waters Stole... my final Ravelympic task. Which, of course I've left it to last... bad Kari! Lace-weight design.... and beads! Eeak!

Glacier Diamonds Scarf - LongProject Specs - see it on Ravelry!
  • Pattern: Bernadette Scarf by Jae Koscierzynski
  • Yarn: Handmaiden's Great Big Seasilk in Glacier, 273yds 100g
  • Needles: Knit Picks Nickel-plated dpn's size 7
Now, it just needs to sit in a bath and be blocked out nice and straight. In about 14 days... hehehe

I picked up another medal for this one, for WIP Wrestling. I was hoping to finish another project, and win another few medals for it, but oh well, you can only do so much in 17 days, right?

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