WIP Wednesday - Hanami Stole

Originally I thought I'd use a different yarn for this, Skacel Merino Lace, but my gauge was way off and I didn't like the way it was looking at all. So, I put it down for a while, and didn't think too much about it until recently. Then, I started my Lavanda Lace Ribbon Stole - my first wrap using 2 skeins of Malabrigo Lace. I didn't know how the colors would work up, or how carrying the yarn up the edge would look, so I'm happy to be past some of those first few hurdles.

Hanami Stole

I decided that I'd really like this wrap in dark purple, and I had just the right beads for it. (They don't look nearly as good in this picture than in real life!) I knit a gauge swatch and realized that I'd need to go way up to get the right number of stitches per inch. I probably could've used 6's instead of 7's, but the aforementioned Lavanda Stole was still on them (at least when I started writing this post! Hehehe!)

At first I was regretting my decision to go so far up in needle size, but now I'm liking it a lot more (this project sat in it's bin for a couple weeks while I finished up the first wrap.) The colors are so pretty, and the beads look great - I think!

Sorry for the not so great pic, I procrastinated this photo-shoot til the last minute today, and this was the best of what I got. Win some, lose some - I guess, eh? :)

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