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Crafty Ginger Tsumami Kanzashi

Double whew! I mentioned last week that I'm contributing to The Sampler for March; well, what I neglected to mention was how bad I procrastinated a lot of the hand sewing. By a lot I mean I had 19 flowers to sew buttons & snaps to, and I totally made my life harder by using waaaaay too much fabric glue; making all 19 real buggers to sew through. Oh well, my fingertips are a little abused, but I can rest them now - because I'm done! I finished all 30 flower snaps with accessories over the weekend, and will be dropping them in the mail later today! I'm super excited and nervous, I don't really know what to expect from the experience. But I'm hoping it will make at least one more sale for me (bringing my grand total to 2 sales!) Or maybe just get my name & product out there… *crosses fingers* Here's to hoping!

Crafty Ginger Sampler Contribution

Have you contributed to or subscribed to The Sampler? What was your experience like? Did it do anything for your sales? I'm really interested, so I'd really appreciate any thoughts. (If you don't want to leave a comment, please email me!) I could only contribute 30 items this first time around, and I only have about 50 business cards to send in, because my laser printer's on the fritz, and I didn't have time to get cards printed on such a tight deadline. So, I'm trying not to get my hopes up too much, but it's hard not to dream of someone liking my flowers so much they'd rush over to my store and buy loads! A girl can dream, can't she? LOL


  1. I just sent off my sampler contribution today too! I hope i get one of your goodies! I have purchased the sampler a couple of times in the past. I am about 50-50 on liking the samples in it, but I always think it is fum. Also when I want to buy something in particular, I browse through all of the sampler promo materials to see if anyone sells what I want.

    I hope I get at least one new shopper from it...

  2. Anonymous13.2.07

    Your sampler items look gorgeous! Love the pink petals. I hope you get a lot of great goodies, and that second (and third, and fourth) sale comes pronto.



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