WIP Wednesday - Razor Cami V3

As I mentioned on Monday, I've started my third attempt at the Razor cami. I'm already into the razor shell pattern, and since I've already done it so many times, I could probably knit this one in my sleep! LOL Well, maybe not - but it's fun to try and picture! I got a great deal on 5 balls of Microspun at my local Michael's - just 2$ each! (If I end up using all 5 balls, that'll mean it's a only a 10$ sweater! Just fyi, the Sirdar Snuggly is 4.35$ a ball, so 3 would've only been 13$!)

Razor cami V3 - WIP

I keep stitch markers in, just so I know I haven't lost a stitch anywhere. I made these myself with vintage & swarovski crystal beads. The Microspun is particularly splitty, so the markers catch a little. No biggie, I'd rather be satisfied there's not a lost stitch anywhere! I lost 2 on my Squiggle shawl, and I only found one of them! LOL (I picked up this great tip, but I can't remember where; put your pattern in a clear pageholder, and then you can write on it with a dry-erase marker, to keep your place & other notes!)

I'd highly recommend this pattern to any beginner looking for their first sweater pattern. No shaping, and no seaming means it's for knitters of all skill levels! Now I have to decide which pattern I'll work on next, because I can already tell this one won't take very long! (At least compared to other projects of mine!)


  1. Anonymous1.3.07

    Is that black I'm seeing? I'm shocked. No tiffany blue?!? Hehe, it looks lovely so far. Can't wait to see it on you.

  2. LOL Yes, it's black! Not everything I make is Tiffany blue!!! Ahhhh I can just imagine it, a Tiffany blue world... mwahahaha!



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