Interweave Knits Spring 07 - Arrived!

Interweave Knits Spring 07

Yeay! I finally got my copy of IK Spring 07! I'm totally excited, my Mom got me a 2-year subscription for Christmas! Lucky me! The first page I opened to (pg14) had an article comparing bamboo yarns - how totally perfect! I'm trying to pick which bamboo I like best for an ultra soft Clapotis!

IK Spring 07 - Entrelac Socks

IK Spring 07 - Cable Top-Down RaglanThere's also a great feature on entrelac and a pattern for entrelac socks! How fun! I have yet to conquer entrelac, but it's really more that I just can't decide which yarn I'd like my Lady Eleanor in. I want something soft, but my LYS is a Hobby Lobby. Seriously, they don't even have computerized check-out; so it's not surprising that their yarn selection is rather lacking. (I'm sure I could find something, but I'm waiting til I find the perfect yarn! LOL) The top-down cable raglan from Stefanie Japel is simply elegant and lovely. I only wish it was a v-neck instead of square. I wonder if I could alter it? I especially love the color used in the magazine, a soft seafoam blue green.


  1. Anonymous1.3.07

    Lucky girl! What a great gift.

  2. Let me know if you figure out how to alter the Cable Down. I would LOVE this in a v-neck. I think the v could start the top of the second diamond in the pattern -- just remove the top diamond.



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