Blogger Spotlight - Betz White

Ok, so admittedly she's already a craft-blogging superstar, but I couldn't resist linking to Betz White's blog this week. She makes the most incredibly delicious looking cupcakes out of recycled sweaters, among many other wonderful goodies. If you have some old sweaters laying around, try her felted brooch tutorial, or her cutie pie! (I'm sooo scouting the right colors for both of these right now!)

If you're lucky enough to live in/around the Minneapolis area, she'll be teaching a couple workshops at the Sewing Lounge this spring - one on recycling sweaters, one on shibori felting. I wish I could attend, I absolutely love taking a sharp pair of scissors to old sweaters! LOL

She also has a new book coming out soon, I can't wait! LOL I believe she's shooting photos for it very soon. Betz, I hope you get lots of awesome photos, and you have a wonderful trip! I wonder when pre-orders start?!?! :D

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