Another Blythe Doll?!?!?!?!!!

Unnamed Prima VioletOh man, I told myself I wasn't going to go crazy and buy a second Blythe doll right away… So much for that, because I found great deal! My newest girl is a Prima Violet, from a previous home with a few minor custom changes already. She's been sand and spray matted, new eye chips & lashes (missing one set of eye chips, creepy! LOL) And also a hair cut, which is a bit of a mixed blessing for me. I never thought I'd love her two tone hair as much as I do, however I got her specifically to customize; so I'm planning on ripping it all out and rerooting her (in an as-yet-undecided color!) I didn't realize her scalp would also be violet, so I'm going to need another one.

Sisters - First photoshoot

Now, I just have to give her a name! And since I'm not sure what color I want her hair to be, I really don't know what to do about a name. I'll confess I'm thinking about long straight aqua hair; there's only been one stock Blythe with blue green hair, and Prima Dolly Melon is super hard to find! I also adore the many, many gorgeous mohair reroots, both in solid and ombre dyed. So many choices, I hardly know where to begin! I'm also reading about wefts lately, which is a little different than rerooting, because you sew the weft on top of the scalp, instead of locking or knotting hair plugs underneath it.

Sisters - First photoshoot

Flickr has been a super resource in both deciding which dolls I'm interested in, and thinking about what I want to do with new custom girl! Any suggestions for a name? I like longer names that can be shortened, like Josephine (ie Josie! LOL) and Madeleine, but don't think they all need to be French. Haha!


  1. so what is the secret to getting good deals on blythe dolls??

  2. Anonymous24.4.07

    I've been thinking and I have a name suggestion for you. What do you think of Valentina?

  3. Anonymous25.4.07

    Oh my gosh they are so cute! I had no idea how much customization one can do to these dolls. Please share your stories on how to find the good deals!

    Sorry no name suggestions at the moment!

  4. what a pair of cuties!
    i love blythe!

  5. I've bought a Prima Doll Ginger on yestarday's night on Ebay...my VERY FIRST big Blythe! because I'm waiting one petite from Hong Kong..but I had a crush on big Blythe...I'm crazy, I know..but maybe you can understand me!

  6. I love Blythe too!! I have only one so far an d I love her! I don't know how long I'm going to be able to resist myself to buy another one! Your Blythe is beautiful!



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