Sweet Josephine

Josephine, looking thoughtful
Josie looks so thoughtful in this picture, I think.

No new WIP's today, I have a few in progress, but nothing worth showing off quite yet. Oh well, there's always next Wednesday, right? God knows I'll always have works-in-progress, or at least it feels that way sometimes! Lately, I feel like the ideas are flowing freely, which is a very good thing. When I was living in Kansas and not making things, I really went crazy. (It was about 4 years ago now, for a year and a half.)

It's funny though, how fast and hard things can swing in a different direction. I used to feel very blocked, creatively speaking; but now I wish there were more hours in each day, so I could get more done! LOL Anyhoo, Josie also wanted to show off her brand new hoodie! (It's from Blythe Station, I got her a blue one too, cuz I mostly live in my blue hoodie in the winter! And, I'm a dork, and want my little girl to match me!!! :D ) Her tube dress here is my Clapotis swatch pinned at the back, and she wears it as a long skirt over at Flickr. LOL

Josephine - Hoodie w/short skit

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