Etsy Spotlight - Blythe Station

Josephine - Hoodie w/long skirtWell, I actually bought straight from Kiki's website, BlytheStation; but she's selling on Etsy now, so I thought I should include her new store! Her hoodies are freakin' awesome!!! I got 2 for Josie, and they look great on her! Once I get a little pair of jeans for her, she'll look just like me! LOL At first, I was concerned about how they would fit on the doll, the head is so, SO big! I'm not the only one, there were a few questions when I posted pics on TIB. The back has velcro and a hole for hair (thank goodness! Josie has soooo much hair!) But it all looks nice & seamless from the front. Even the raw edges are enclosed on the inside, which is a great touch, cuz who wants their seam allowance unravelling away? LOL

Josie and her new unnamed sister love their hoodies, and I'm still planning on getting them a few more! LOL

I've been having so much fun with Blythe dolls lately, I'm thinking about writing up some tips for finding one inexpensively. They seem to be more popular than ever, but it's still pretty hard to find a good deal on one, especially within the US*. It really just depends if you're looking for an older release or newer one, and if it was limited or not. Prima Dolly Melon is at the top of my Wishlist, but she was limited to 500, so it's doubtful I would ever find a reasonably priced one. If I change my strategy though, and purchase a non-limited Prima Dolly (I did! LOL) and reroot her, I can have my very own, one-of-a-kind aqua haired beauty! LOL It's all in how you work it, baby!

*Blythe dolls are so hard to find here in the US, because CWC/Takara isn't liscensed to sell them here. Hasbro owns the rights here, and they're focused on Ashton Drake Blythes, at least for now. Consequently, unless you can find a seller within the US, you're probably going to pay through the nose for international shipping. I've seen Ebay sellers charge upwards of 38$ to ship a doll that comes in a box the size of women's shoes. Ugh.

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  1. I blame you. I have been thinking about how much fun re-rooting must be since I read your last post.... I wonder... if you use fabric instead of a plastic scalp can you make wigs?



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