Etsy Spotlight - Dolluxe

Dolluxe Butterfly HairpinWhen I saw on TIB that Rhiannon was going to update her store, Dolluxe last week, I knew I wanted to get in on the fun. She makes the most wonderful Blythe clothes, and I knew they'd sell out fast. Little did I know, just how fast! I couldn't stay up Friday night to be there right when she updated, I was feeling kinda sick that week. So, last Saturday morning I was pleased to find a few items left, and I bought this adorable little butterfly hairpin. It matches Josie's lilac hoodie so well!

Her cashmere sweaters are to die for, and she even made some summer espadrilles, with cork soles! (Those sold out SUPER fast! LOL) I really admire the level of quality in her work, it's outstanding! Every little detail is cared for, and it's the level of quality I aspire to with my products, and store. I can only hope that my store might do as well, someday!

Rapunzel Scarf for Josie!You can really tell how much care she takes in producing her product, and I think that's my favorite part of Etsy, both in buying and selling. We love what we do, and it shows; I love being able to be a part of it. I hope you enjoy the Etsy sellers I've been featuring, please also feel free to suggest your favorites (or yours,) as well!

Josie couldn't help but model her new Rapunzel scarf too! I knew with all of the fun going on over at Craftster, that Josie needed one too! It's just scraps of my most very favorite yarns, Classic Elite Premiere, SWTC Bamboo, Malabrigo and a fun mermaid-esque novelty that I've lost the ball band to. It turned out soooo soft, and soooo quick! Just divide your yarns into 3 groups, braid and knot the ends! Easy peasy!!!

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