Updated Blogroll!

Quickie post here, just wanted to apologize to all those wonderful crafty folk who've linked to me, and I was rude enough not to return the favor! I'm so sorry!!! I'm such a terrible blogger sometimes! If you've linked to me, or posted about my projects or blog anywhere, I'd be more than happy to link back to you! (And, if I've forgotten someone AGAIN.... I'm REALLY sorry! LOL)

I've read so many awesome craft blogs, and before I started using RSS, found it really difficult to keep track of them all. Trying to improve on that, but it can only happen a bit at a time! Thanks for being patient with scatterbrained me lately!!! Go check out all of the new link-ey goodness on my blogroll!!!

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  1. Thanks for linking to me! ;) I just set up a link to you.



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