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Wendy's blog, Knit & Tonic is one of my most favorite, knitting or otherwise. Her patterns are amazing, I'm currently working on sizing down Le Slouch for my Blythe dolls! LOL I'm terrible at getting gauge though, so we'll see how long it takes me! I'm also pretty frustrated with DPN's... anybody got any tricks for a gal that feels awkward hanging onto all those extra futzy things? LOL

Wendy is an awesomely talented knitter, blogger, mother and wife. I can always count on her blog to make me laugh, and her finished objects are to-DIE-for! Plus, she just knits like the wind! I thought my sister was the fastest knitter I'd ever seen, and then I caught Wendy on tv - amazing! I wish I could knit that fast! I'd conquer the world with all of the FO's I could post about! And isn't she stunningly beautiful?!?!?! (I wish I was brave enough to post pictures of me on my blog, but I always feel like I look like a grump in photos! And it's super hard to photograph yourself... LOL!)

There's something about Wendy's writing that I really admire, and that's how personal she dares to be on her blog. I would love to gain that kind of openness in my writing; I tend to lean towards sarcastically detached. LOL Blogging can be a very fine line, I think. And I really enjoy and admire Wendy's balance. Even if you're not a knitter, you'll still appreciate her humor. She'll even make you sort milk out of your nose if you're not careful! :)

ETA: Thanks Wendy for letting me use your photo!

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  1. Anonymous28.4.07

    I agree, she has a fantastic site. It is so not fair she is a talented writer AND beautiful at the same time!



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