Blogger Spotlight - Frog Is A Four Letter Word

Laura's blog, Frog Is A Four Letter Word, is so much fun to read! It's quickly becoming one of my favorite knitting blogs, because her writing is so personal! I think there can sometimes be a tendency in the blog-o-sphere to want to polish everything to perfection before publishing. That's not to say I think her blog or writing is unpolished (at all!), but that it's polished just enough and no more. Her writing style is so accessible, I feel like she doesn't try to be anything she isn't, for the sake of blogging; and I really admire that. I really try to portray a certain image of myself on my blog, and that's probably more to do with letting my guard down (and that I don't that much.) I have issues, what can I say? LOL

I also absolutely love her Etsy shop, and am scratching my head as to why I haven't bought these awesome vintage embroidery buttons; aren't they awesome?!?! She tries a lot of different styles with her products, which I think is key to any Etsy store; because the market is so large, and people's personal styles vary so widely. Just because we as the seller might love some product's style or color doesn't mean it appeals to everyone. I also love that she also sells vintage trim (which I also should have bought already, what's friggen wrong with me? LOL) If you haven't checked her out, please do so! She donates a portion of sales to charity, which is another thing I really admire in her.

Plus, I just love her blog title! Frog is a four letter word! LOL She's also a fellow Chicagoan, so I knew I just had to Spotlight her! Laura, you ROCK! :)

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