Cashmere Ribbon Wristlet Set - SOLD!!!

Tsumami Kanzashi Flower Snap Set

I'm very proud to say I finally got a cashmere ribbon wristlet set listed in my Etsy store! It seems like it's taken me forever, but February wasn't very cooperative when it came to getting work done. Oh well, it's done now! Or rather, started now, because I have half a dozen more wristlets to make flowers for, and plans for half a dozen more color/ribbon combos! LOL And.... it sold already! Like an hour after I listed it! I'm so happy!

I find that creative work for me tends to breed ideas, and while that's great, I don't always have the time to satiate all those ideas. I'm pretty good at remembering things, though; so things have a tendency to get locked away in "the vault" so to speak. And every once in a while, I'll resurrect an idea from languishing at the back of my brain, and it gets to see the light of day. Those are great days. My Femme Fedora for Whiplash was a rescued idea. Come to think of it, I should try and dig a few more out this year. Shake the dust off, and be able to cross a few more off of my To Do list. Yes, yes.

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  1. Anonymous6.3.07

    Congratulations on the sale! The set looks gorgeous, no wonder it sold so quickly!



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