Etsy Spotlight - Pearl & Marmalade

I started doing a Blogger Spotlight this year, and thought to myself recently that doing the same with Etsy sellers I like would be fun too! I've personally bought from these sellers, so I can tell you with confidence that their quality and service are both great! Without further ado, here's the first installment!

Secret Admirer Hounds cards from Pearl & Marmalade

I don't really remember when I first found Pearl & Marmalade on Etsy. At first I just "hearted" them, and kept them in "My Favorite Sellers" section. But then, I saw their Secret Admirer Hounds cards (via Design*Sponge,) and knew I had to have them! Actually, I knew they had to go to my MIL Robin. One of them had a Tiffany blue Boston terrier on the front, and it was fate. Except when I clicked through to their store, I was very sad to find they were already sold out. Ok, so I emailed them and asked if I could get a custom set, and I waited. It took about a week to hear back & they apologized for the wait, but I was just ecstatic to get the news... I could get my custom set of 12, all Tiffany blue Boston terriers! The price was very reasonable, too! (Email me for the price, they were a gift and I don't want to go announcing it! LOL)

They're in Chicago too, which I love! I'm all about supporting local small businesses! They're starting to include letterpress into their store recently; and I ADORE their first (letterpress) card A Startling Life. With foliage, birds and an Emily Dickinson quote, it's simply elegant. I really think it's classically beautiful, and I can't wait to see what else they do next! (They actually have relased a second letterpress card set, Honey Bees. I'm just a tard and didn't notice til a minute ago! LOL)

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