Quickie Pick-Me-Up!

I've been feeling a little blah lately, so I decided to work up a quick new product for my Etsy store - cashmere button bracelets! I'm very proud for a barely-there effort (what can I say, I think it might be a recurring sinus infection, maybe?) Anyhoo, these are my first three, and I've got them listed at 9.50$ each. Is that too much? I can never tell what's right when I'm pricing a product for the first time. Once I spend a little more time making multiples, I'll get a better idea; but right now I'm so doubting myself! Can I just add though, that I looooooove cashmere! LOL It's yummy!


  1. Anonymous30.3.07

    Oh my are these pretty! They make me want spring right now!w

  2. Adorable colors and combinations, nice work :)

  3. Anonymous31.3.07

    These are *great*! And cashmere, too? Yummy is right.

  4. And then they were on the Craft blog! Awesome!!

    They are adorable.



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