My March Sampler!

Ok, so I'll first confess I was planning on posting a sewn FO today, and have only barely started it! I'm not telling what it is yet, though; instead I thought I'd share my March Sampler goodies that came yesterday! I love the fabric bundle from Reprot Depot, and the Sugar Lily card (up front.)

My March Sampler!

It's been kind of a scatter-brained week for me... I just can't seem to get my act together and get everything I want to finished. Like calling my sister (Jenn, I'm sorry! I don't mean to ignore you!) and writing a few emails... I just can't seem to get to a few things that are actually important to me these days. Hrmmmmph. Hopefully next week there will be a sewn FO, and I won't feel so mentally absent!

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  1. Anonymous16.3.07

    Ohh-the Sampler. I've been trying to snatch one for a few months but haven't had the timing. Seeing your pic inspires me to keep trying though!



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