WIP Wednesday - Bamboo Clapotis... again!

WIP Clapotis - SWTC BambooI was so excited to get past the straight section on my bamboo Clapotis, that I spent most of yesterday knitting feverishly to get there. I totally understand what other knitters are talking about when they mention how bored they are with the middle of this project. It's a little boring, and a little tedious, but oh SO worth it to muscle past! (I thought it would be fun to play on the fact that it takes "forever" to get through it, with this picture! LOL)

I normally wouldn't post 2 weeks in a row about the same WIP project, but I thought this was a wonderful exception, considering how much progress I've made on it in the last few days! I'm into the decrease section, and hoping it goes as quick as the increase section did at the beginning (like 2 days, as compared with over a week for the straight section!)

WIP Clapotis - Closeup

I absolutely love the yarn (SWTC Bamboo in Intensity,) and I'm rWIP Clapotis - Overvieweally gaining some confidence reading knit patterns. I mentioned before, but sometimes they really look like a foreign language to me! So, it's good to feel like I can get through what feels intimidating.

It's looking like I might finish it with 2 balls instead of 4; so I'm trying to figure out what to do with an extra 500yds of super-soft bamboo! When I was winding center-pull cakes at the start of it, the yardage seemed ridiculous, but I'm really appreciating it now. I've only had to join a new ball once so far!


  1. Anonymous28.3.07

    Feeling stupid to ask, but what exactly is a clapotis anyway? It looks lovely, whatever it is! That yarn is yummy :)

  2. That looks great! Just wondering, did you do the full number of repeats called for in the pattern?

  3. Yep, I'm following the pattern exactly, although when I swatched for it I was off.

    I got 30sts per 4", instead of 19. It looks like it'll be a little smaller than the pattern, at 17" wide unblocked (pattern is 21".)

  4. Your Clapotis is very beautiful. I'm tempted to give the project a shot.

  5. Anonymous31.3.07

    Wow! You're nearly finished. Your clap is looking good. Hah, like macoco, I'm tempted to give the project a shot. Never used bamboo before...looks like a great choice for the project.

  6. I love your Clapotis. Makes me want to knit another one!



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