WIP Tuesday - New Store Stuff!!!


When I saw this cashmere online, I knew I had to buy some. It was gorgeous, and came in a bunch of different colors. Thing was, it was 15.95$ per yard, for every color. I knew I couldn't afford yards & yards of it, so I settled for 5 1/8 yd cuts in my most favorite colors. Yes, the online fabric store I use cuts as small as 1/8 yd. (WoohoO!) Very helpful when you need a swatch in your hands before you decide to buy 20yds for drapes. Yes, I said 20 yards. That's 60 feet of fabric 5 feet wide. Literally, a river of fabric! And, no… I haven't made
the drapes yet! LOL

Cashmere wristlets WIP

Anyhoo, back to the cashmere! I loved it, so I was hoping buyers would like it too. It didn't quite turn out as as I'd imagined, though. At first I was going to seam the cashmere, to cover the raw edges. Then I tried it, and found the cashmere very thick & hard to turn inside out. Take two was much more successful, I sewed ribbon down the middle of a 1" strip of cashmere, and then "pinked" the edges (pinking shears are just scissors that cut a zigzag.) I sewed on velcro by machine, and snaps by hand to finish. I think they're lots of fun, and I'm really excited & proud to offer them in my Etsy store. I'll be listing new sets all week, watch my sidebar for the newest listings! (Gotta love that new Etsy widget! Etsy guys, you ROCK!)


  1. Gorgeous! and so springy.

  2. Anonymous31.3.07

    These are gorgeous! Love the color combinations. Absolutely wonderful. And the pinked edges are a great touch.



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